Studenting– living life as a Student

Studenting-- living life as a Student It’s complicated, living a life.   Biologists tell us it’s about breathing and growing. Philosophers point to questions. Educators grasp at learning Religions faithfully look to authorities. Science pursues through fact and logic. The Arts idealize imagination, Humanists reflect on passion and metaphoric. Scholars seek answers through inquiry and knowing.   These, the knowers, know life is the pursuit of knowing That knowing has no limits Of learning, gaining understanding and meaning: Thinking with purpose Maybe a matter of goals, perspective, and ought, Knowers focused on minds past, Content with their knowledge of truths [...]

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Why do I Cry? — A Poetic Self Analysis

Why do I Cry? — A Poetic Self Analysis ERM: A Personal Reflection, July, 2016   Emotions under control. Mostly Neither grief nor sadness Linger Optimism dominates, pessimism Excised Joyful experiences actively Sought Love and caring deeply Embraced Still I cry!  Why? Seeking Self-insight Stutters Between Objective and Subjective Never Revealing deep Understanding Clearly Questions yet remain: Who am I? And Why? Psychological explanations of childhood experiences Abound But Personal Observation is my analytic Base The tool for Self-analysis is Poetic Reflection What language best captures the personal turmoil of Soul? Why do different settings frame different Emotions? Why do [...]

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Every Day

Every Day matters, so they say.  And I join them. But so does every moment matter And every yesterday, every tomorrow, every now. So, beyond time, what is the meaning of matter? That is the question: What matters have meaning? Every mattering now embraces passions Of feeling and caring, the very essence of loving. So, to live every day lovingly is to make matters meaningful.   Gene Melander, 11-1-11 In response to John Straley’s poem, “Every Single Day”

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