About Geno

First, the serious part. On Wednesday, June19, 2019, Gene Melander died after a bad fall. As hard as it has been to lose him, we are all deeply grateful that he left us as he had lived – with grace, dignity, and generosity.

Several years ago, when asked in the midst of a conversation on mortality what he’d want his epitaph to be, he answered immediately, (with somewhat uncharacteristic brevity): “He loved Jackie.”

And he sure did. Along with his daughters, granddaughters, sons-in-law, and many, many friends. He wasn’t quite as sure about all the animals his children paraded through his house…

He had a deep and abiding hatred for what generally passes as an obituary, so, in true Gene fashion, he created his own, as a living obituary.

ERM-Living Obit - LR